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At the time ADCA PROIECT was founded, the global market was focused on lowering the prices. We’ve seen the big picture instead.

High quality, quick answers and optimized cost in an all-in-one integrated package for the benefit of our customers.

Mr. Eng. Adrian Georgescu, who currently manages the company, brings a 21 years’ experience in the field of industrial electrical engineering, with an expertize as a certified verifier on electrical works and as a qualified expert in fire extinguishing, fire alarm and damaged limitation systems. Prior to the development of this company, Mr. Georgescu has carried out his activities working in the field of electrical engineering and industrial automation.

His knowledge of international markets comes from university degrees and advanced studies in power engineering and marketing. Constantly engaged in the company’s projects, Mr Georgescu ensures that optimal services are provided to customers.

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we used specialized software for design adn energy calculations

We are authorized and certified:

ADCA PROIECT owns and maintains an integrated system certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007;

ADCA PROIECT has an ANRE Certificate for the Designing of Systems and Installations for Limitations and Fire Extinction

ADCA Proiect has a Certificate for the Designing of interior electrical installations, for civil and industrial constructions, aerial and underground power connection at a rated voltage of 0.4 kV

ADCA Proiect has the approval for Designing of Systems and Installations for Signaling, Alarm and Warning in case of fire

ADCA Proiect owns a permit for the design of anti-burglar alarm systems

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